We’ve just been briefed by Dr. Heidi BEHFOROUZ. from LA County Department of Health Services

These are the steps we will take if coronavirus shows up;

If a single person, man or woman, shows up with fever and cough, or comes in contact with someone who has a fever and a cough, we are going to place them in quarantine in the gym. They will reside in the gym and use the bathrooms in the gym and have their food delivered.

If a family member comes down with a fever and cough, they will be placed in a special quarantine wing on 5th Floor.

If a staff person has a fever and cough or comes in contact with a person with fever or cough they will be asked to quarantine at home and perhaps if they can, work from home.

We will provide special assistance to any frontline staff who need to quarantine at home.

Here are other steps we’ve taken to prepare;

I’ve immediately ordered this equipment that will arrive today and tomorrow;

Paper masks, Personal Protective Equipment kits, disposable thermometers, big Biohazard bags, as anyone who shows fever and cough or is exposed to someone who has fever or cough will need to be placed in quarantine for 14 days after showing symptoms.

All who clean the bathrooms in quarantine area will need to wear the protective suits.

All who deliver food to those in quarantine need the protective gear as well.

All the gear and masks worn need to go in the big bio hazard bags.

All the protective equipment should be disposed of in one central area.

We will post signs in visible places alerting anyone with a fever and cough to notify URM staff so they will can receive shelter and services and not have to battle this illness outside and alone.

Please expedite the equipment coming in, with my name on it to Mayra and operations department.

More to come as we learn more.

Everything will continue as normal for now, along with diligent washing of hands.


Andy Bales

President & CEO of

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